Location: Montclair, NJ
Status: Completed
Scale: 132252FT
Year: 2023

After reaching an agreement with the city in 2020, Montclair’s local skateboarding community began building DIY structures to live inside of two empty tennis courts at Rand Park. The courts quickly became a beloved spot amongst local skaters. This project was conceived after some concern about the deterioration and upkeep of the temporary wooden structures. 

Through an incredible community youth effort, local fundraising and organizing by a local non-profit, Skate Essex, as well as a donation from the Helen and William Mazer Foundation and a special projects grant from The Skatepark Project, the project was pushed forward. It was built by Fifth Pocket and officially open to the public in early 2023. The new sculptures occupy one of the two courts, replacing half of the wooden ramps with a series of permanent, concrete and metal structures. These objects are unconventional but playful and still fully skateable.