Location: Santurce, PR
Status: Built
Scale: 31502FT
Budget: 3000 USD
Timeline: 06.2014-08.2014

This pavilion was the product of a month-long workshop I co-taught on parametric tools and detailed fabrication at the University of Puerto Rico. The project  consisted of a thousand recycled-plastic modules threaded over a structural system of high-tensioned ropes. Located on the corner of Cerra and Aurora Street in Santurce, Puerto Rico, the installation became a central feature of 2014

Santurce Es Ley, an annual street art festival that brings together artists from around the world.

Project Managers/Instructors: Alexis Sablone, Luisel Zayas

Project Team/Students: José Rivera, David Rodriguez, Kiara Marina, Karena Taveras, David Oliveras, Gabriela Becerra, Steven Morales, Dannielys Staback, Franco Marcano, Marcos Gonzalez, Alfredo Llop, Alitza Cardona, Kevin Rivera, Camila Azalea, Gustavo Vega, Bertil Ramirez.