Location: MIT Cambridge, MA
Status: Built
Scale: 642FT
Year: 2015

Designed and built out of the “Megalithic Robotics” studio at MIT, led by Brandon Clifford and a team of students, this sixteen-foot tall megalith was designed, computed, and constructed to walk horizontally and stand vertically with little effort. Megalithic civilizations held tremendous knowledge surrounding the deceivingly simple task of moving heavy objects. Much of this knowledge has been lost to us from the past.

This project mines, extracts, and experiments with this knowledge to test what applications and resonance it holds with contemporary digital practice.

Project Manager: Brandon Clifford

Project Team: Mark Jarzombek, Carrie Lee McKnelly, Sam Ghantous, Anastasia Hiller, Karen Kitayama, Dan Li, Hui Li Patrick Evan Little, Tengjia Liu, Ryan McLaughlin, Kaining Peng, Luisel Zayas, Alexis Sablone