Location: Richmond, Virginia
Status: Under Construction
Scale: 5002FT

Won through a competition held by the Richmond Public Art Commission, this project called for the design of a multi-use, large-scale sculpture to be cited adjacent to the newly constructed skatepark at the Southside Community Center. Sun Seed is both sculpture and space; it has a formal language all its own, but is also tied to canonical skatepark forms, linked physically by an undulating red strip, known in skateboard terms as a "pump track".

Visible from within the community center as well as from the street, the project will serve as a meeting place and gathering space that can be shared by both skateboarders and the broader community. Its form and dual nature--one part immovable and monolithic, the other, light, fleeting, temporal--a sliver of sunlight passing through its yellow occulus--all beg for engagement. Might it compel people in the community to wonder what it feels like to move closer, stand in it’s center, to touch it, to observe it at various points in the day and throughout passing seasons? Time will tell.